Any search for new prospects and innovative approaches cannot fail to see Art as a fundamental factor in innovation. Moreover, even for those whose activities are situated in different sectors, Art, is not only seen as a creative product to be loved or experienced more or less passively, according to the level of interaction with the work of the artist, but always more as the response to a real necessity. In recent years it has become a true instrument “of daily survival”. Art has made its roots penetrate deeply into the heart of the process which generates great economic and social value. Art, in many of its aspects, is the symbol of what we could call a “necessary luxury”. Consequently, Art as a world which may seem fragile, delicate, ephemeral, but which – when analysed more deeply – reveals itself to be powerful, solid and stable.

Julia Binfield
The works presented in this media have been created by Julia Binfield, a Londoner currently living in Italy. Her research works use various techniques and supports and are spontaneously drawn towards realities such as architecture, design, food and plants.