FARAD International S.A. .is specialised in life insurance distribution under Free Provision of Services(FPS) and strives for satisfying the needs of the wealthy clientele who owns international assets.

The activity of insurance consultancy is characterised by an in-depth knowledge of the constantly developing Private Life Insurance sector and products offered by the main European insurance companies. We are relentlessly seeking to find the best solution for every client according to their respective specific needs.
We establish and maintain a close and transparent relationship with our clients, providing them with a detailed report and information on all the services we offer. We concentrate on preserving a personalised relationship with each of our clients in order to accurately identify their requirements and to guarantee “ a high quality service” to them.
Our work is boosted by our Commitment to guarantee the best possible insurance solutions to our clients complying with their needs and requirements.
FARAD’s shareholders are its Corporate Managers who guarantee its independence. This is a key factor for guaranteeing FARAD’s clientele a Professional and Dedicated Service, without any third party influence nor conflicts of interest.
We invest time and energy to offer our clients, the best Compliant products/insurance services to satisfy their needs at best.