Private Life Insurance: an instrument for the Private Banks

In the Private Bank sector Life Insurance occupies an important place as an innovative instrument for demanding clients.

Private Life Insurance (PLI) is aimed at wealthy clients who wish to keep control of their investments choices . These clients also need to benefit from the financial and non-financial advantages of a life insurance solution compliant  with their country of residence requirements: privileged fiscal aspects, inheritance planning, protection of assets, diversity of supports and confidentiality. The underlying assets of the insurance contract, are managed by a third party the Asset Manager, and deposited at a banking institution, the Depositary Bank. This is an ideal instrument at the disposal of the Private Banks for its well-off clients who wish to completely or partially simplify the structuring of their wealth, using a life insurance solution that is completely compliant with the rules of their country of residence.

Life Insurance satisfies many needs such as: protection of the family, personal values of the real-estate assets, holdings, etc., and enables transmission from one generation to another whilst allowing direct line use of financial instruments.

All these needs may be met in one single financial instrument that offers the possibility of being adapted (investment strategy, beneficiary clause, donation, etc.) according to the wishes of the client as well as accompanying the client along his private life in all circumstances.